David Woods, PhD
 Writer, Essayist, Educator
and Communications Consulant

The View From the 36th Floor

So why start a blog? Everybody does it, right? Well, after a few decades of health policy journalism – books, articles, editorials, reviews – I was looking for a change. That change presented itself a couple of years ago when I was invited to write ​​​ a series of essays for WHYY ; after producing some 50 of them, I was looking for another challenge – a blog that would give me the opportunity to hold forth on any and all eclectic topics that took my fancy … and do so from an ex cathedra standpoint – up there, away from the hubbub at ground level. Hence, View From the 36th Floor, enabling a look at issues in the serenity of altitude and, one hopes, of objectivity larded with occasional whimsy and unabashed personal perspective.